Life’s about the people, no?

It’s always about the people. The people who matter and who don’t.

The zealous ones who became my mentors. They invest in you, believe in you and provide their time, resources, experience and advice. These are the people who listen to you then tell you you can achieve much more! Everything I valued so much and without which I would not be where I am today.

The unexpected ones who became my angels, lifting me up during dark times. Just when you thought that not even one ray of light would shine on you, they came out of nowhere to be the whole sun with all its warmth. I thank them with all my heart and wonder how they were placed to enter my life when they did.

The strangers who stoked the flames and then washed out my fire. They are strangers because it’s like I never knew them. I am surprised at how their negative energy sapped my essence, but probably I have become a bit wiser and stronger with the multiple lessons I learnt.

The genuine ones who became incredible friends. You hang with them and like their company and you are delightfully pleased when they are there for you. I discovered them a bit more, shared my joy and laughed a lot. I felt warm around them and valued their presence around me.

The family and friends whom I came back to. My very foundation, my strength and support. Time may pass and distance may grow, but our connection magnifies every single time. They know me in and out and they make me who I am today. These are my people.

The random people who brought a smile to my face and made me feel good inside. A passing smile, a caring gesture, a good conversation, a good morning greeting – just a hint of humanity through people I met in various parts of the world.

Maybe people are not black or white. Neither are they grey. No, people are five times all the colours in the rainbow. Which colour you experience is what they want to show you. So be prepared to decipher the right hue and assess whether it matches with yours. Ultimately, it’s all about the people we meet, give our time to, observe, look up to, help, cry and laugh with.


Photo Credits (for both images): Ronald Kwok


6 thoughts on “Life’s about the people, no?

  1. Shakun says:

    Expressed poetically!!

    It is true that we meet people with different shades right through our life!!

    It is upto us how to deal with them and retain the positive content!!

    Liked by 1 person

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