Welcome to my world :)

Smile. Breathe. Giggle

The sun is glowing, welcoming a bright day

It’s freedom and liberation

I want to face the day with my head held high and hair flying in all directions


Swing. Sway. Live

The beat is pumping, drawing me in

I twirl and twist, lost in the rhythm

I want to be in this moment and never let go


Strum. Thrash. Headbang

The double bass is building up

It’s almost time for the solo

I want to immerse in the music and feel the madness of it all


Speak. Listen. Share

Words are flowing and stories are linking

I connect, laugh, hear, argue

I want to talk in awe and animation


Trust. Expect. Hold on.

People come and people go

It’s easy to nurture the relationships which matter

I want to believe people and hope that they mean what they say


Always embracing, born vivacious, and forever untameable.



The little joys which brighten me.  Photo credits: Tanmay Shah






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