The three best bloopers during my MBA

You’ve lived at home all your life. You’ve travelled around a lot on vacations. But you haven’t lived away from home. Ever. Then you go for your MBA – one year programme, three cities and as intensive as it can get.

Combine that with me. I’m that person who friends call up to find out, “now what happened with you?” . In hindsight, I think my stories are quite funny. But when shit happens, it’s a roller coaster ride. Allow me to share three of the many bloopers I had during the MBA.

  1. Mild: Losing my spectacles- in style-to the ocean

The classic HK junk boat party. A perfect way for MBAs to celebrate anything. Take the boat, fill it with goodies, arrange good music and set sail. It was two months into the MBA and this was just the beginning of many things I misplaced during my exciting year out. I was sitting by the edge of the boat when a dear friend pushed me into the water. I was taken by surprise and when I emerged out, I pushed my spectacles up to clean my eyes. In a fraction of a second, the spectacles fell from my head and drowned in the water. :X

It did hurt that they were an expensive pair. And also that I wasn’t drunk to blame it on that. I did try to blame the dear friend, but other friends said it really wasn’t his fault 😛




The HKU MBA crew


~Fun times~

2. Milder: Missing a flight –wait for it– to Ibiza

Well, I still don’t know how it happened. I had been involved in all the planning, booked accommodation for everyone and was super excited about making this a fantastic holiday.

We managed to take out only 3 days when everyone could make it. So to maximize my time, I took a Friday morning flight say costing 3X the normal price.

My flight was at 8:40 am and I woke up at 9:30 to realize that I had MISSED my flight. How did this happen? I slept around 4 am, expecting to wake up at 6:30 am. Recipe for disaster. I could not sleep the previous night, maybe out of excitement. Again, I wasn’t drunk! As I scrambled to realize just what had happened, I rushed to the airport- hoping that maybe I can be accommodated somehow. Never a more annoying city than London with its goddamn 5 airports. These airports are spread over the city – almost 2-3 hours away from each other.

It was a frenzy. Obviously the flight did not accommodate me in any which way. I contemplated booking another flight which was 5 hours later from the airport at the opposite end of the city. My friends who had already reached Ibiza helped me with a cost-benefit analysis and convinced me to just take that and come. So I paid 2X the normal price and booked the ticket. I barely made it for this flight because the bus took forever to reach the other airport! When I was finally in the plane, I could hardly believe it. Interestingly, the flight was full of 4 bachelor and 4 bachelorette party groups. The pilot announced that he wouldn’t take off till the people calmed down and stopped talking. It was so hilarious. The only moment of comic relief in my entire day.

Anyway, I am glad that I went for the trip despite shelling out 5X eventually. It was worth everything and we had a time to remember!



A beautiful beach

3. Mildest: Getting hit by a taxi –not in India but– in Hong Kong

This is the most ridiculous thing to have happened. Also quite painful- physically and emotionally. I was just crossing the road in front of my hostel – there is no traffic light there- and I miscalculated the traffic. There was a slow vehicle so I thought I could cross but a taxi came from behind that car and hit me. I was hurled to the side and had some swelling and bleeding. It was quite horrific. Passers-by were super helpful and immediately called for an ambulance. Thankfully, it was nothing serious. Both my legs were hurt and I had to wait in emergency for 2 hours before I was treated. I got some stitches near my ankle and a massive wound under my knee. It knocked me out as I could hardly walk. I am really thankful to my friends who came immediately to the hospital in the hour of need and stayed with me till it was treated. I couldn’t have coped without them around me.

It sounds so stupid to be hit in Hong Kong rather than in India- where the probability is much higher. But so is life. It was a depressing time, with daily dressing changes and inability to walk around much. I seriously missed home for the first time so much. It took about a month to fully recover, but thankfully it was nothing serious.

Good to have the HKID – considerably subsidised cost of treatment. The support of my friends was the most healing factor. Everyone’s so busy in their packed MBA lives, so it is hard to take out time. Again, I wasn’t drunk at the time of crossing the road- although my mother did not believe that :/

Till date, I am scared to cross ANY road. Learnt my lesson, nice and well 😛 I do have a photo of me on the wheelchair at the hospital, grinning away. I think it’s a bit disturbing, so I’ll let it be.

Well, in times of distress and chaos, you find the people who descend as angels to support you. These experiences taught me that sometimes there are mistakes to make and losses to take, but everything resets to normal with a new sense of understanding.

So go ahead, give me a call. And I’ll share what happened with me. Just yesterday!








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