Click For Convenience

How life has changed.

I remember when we went for movies as kids, there were no multiplexes. Single hall cinemas with a long queue for tickets. Tickets in yellow, green or pink paper- I so remember that! There was also a scrambling for the seats once the gates opened.

We then moved to the multiplex culture- and the options were suddenly so many. There were more movies at one go and more choices for a splendid movie watching experience. But the queue for tickets just got worse somehow! To watch a movie, one had to plan pretty early on- calculating the time that would be spent on that queue to just buy the ticket and then to just enter the hall. Also after waiting out in the queue one would reach the counter only to get ‘housefull’- one too many times!

Can I imagine doing that to watch a movie in a hall today? Probably not!

With time, came the option of advance booking so we’d visit the cinema hall earlier to purchase the ticket and then come on the day of the show to watch it. In retrospect, I have done a lot to watch movies- haha quite a movie buff I am.

Never could I imagine the convenience of the click of a button on the internet today! With Book My Show, life changed in a jiffy. At first I could call up and book my movie tickets and later it could just be done online with the choice of my seat. What could be any better?

27 Coupons! ( We all like our dose of online coupons which makes purchasing online more attractive and favourable! With nearly 25 offers for Book My Show, including getting a free ticket, discounts on ticket price and cash back options, 27 coupons has offers you can’t refuse!

The best part is the transparency in the written text- what the offer is, whom is it applicable for, till when it lasts- all there in one sentence. That’s quite convenient! For a direct link to the offers, one can visit

These services today have made things less complicated and more in our hands. What we want to do, when we do it and how we want to do it. Leaving time for more things to do! Haha.

With Make My Trip, I can check flights for anywhere, make my bookings and pay online. They even have turned into a travel agent, where you can not only check out various places but also book packages with Make My Trip. 27 Coupons has offers for this site as well. Usually, a purchase on this website is a big ticket item like flight tickets or hotel bookings- and discounts on these is the icing on the cake a consumer is looking for! I personally liked the 6% cash back on minimum purchase of Rs. 5,000 which 27 Coupons has here: And again, the terms and conditions are laid out clearly.

I like technology and I like how everything can be simplified further. While we are happy with a website for making bookings online, we also want some incentive to. 27 Coupons provides just that!

I just followed them on Twitter to keep myself updated on the offers to not miss any opportunity for a good deal 😀


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