Lucknow Food Trail

Lucknow. I was intrigued to visit this city which is known for its amalgamation of different cultures. Got a chance to visit thanks to a good friend’s wedding! It was an exciting trip with a dash of heritage and lots of yummy food!

In this post, I want to mainly focus on the food aspect, because OMG, each meal was finger licking good (yes, KFC’s tagline but 10 times better than KFC :P)

First of all, the foodie in me got a taste of yummy vegetarian (read Baniya/Jain) food at my friend’s house: jeera aloo, kadi, rice, roti, paneer and what not! Each dish had its own flavour and was a delight to savour!

We then had an agenda to taste the famous Tunday Kebab of Lucknow. Got to Aminabad and reached Tunday Kebabi. The prices! Rs. 32 for 4 beef kebabs, at this day and age! Highly under priced..haha we never get such prices in Delhi.. Well, prices apart, the kebabs were delicious. Perfectly melt-in-the-mouth and spiced yummily (if that’s a word!). We also had mutton galauti kebabs, sheermal and mughlai parantha. Satisfied, we left to try the next dish.

Finding a “Ram ji” food shop was not tough in the same lane. We stopped for our vegetarian friend, who tried kachauri with chole and veg kebabs. Honestly, I dug into that too and it had amazing flavour. In Lucknow, food is delicious, whatever you have!

We then tried the famous Prakash Kulfi, which was phenomenal- great taste and just the right quantity!

I always have “mineral water golgappas” in Delhi. In Lucknow, I made an exception. Looking at an awesome street-side golgappa wala who was serving paanch paani golgappas- I flipped! I eagerly tried all of them and sooo glad I did! Each had its own mouth-watering flavour!

Finally, at Chowk, I tried the famous Idris Biryani. Finding it was fun, we kept walking along the street and asking people where it was. It had no name board!

When we reached, we confirmed around us that this was it. Well, the mutton biryani was wonderfully spiced with soft mutton pieces- melt in the mouth experience! What’s biryani without digging in your hands?

Paired this up with some delicious lassi from Sri Lassi!

In all, I learnt that in Lucknow:

1. There are only 2-3 items in the menu
2. These items are totally delicious
3. The prices of these items are amazing
4. Service will only take 2 minutes and you’ll be well taken care of
5. There are no taxes
6. You leave full, happy and wanting more!

Thank you Vardhman and Akanksha for giving us a chance to savour Lucknow’s delicacies!


3 thoughts on “Lucknow Food Trail

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    I couldn't find your email address anywhere on the website..
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    You can contact me either through my google id or my twitter handle is @indianscrewup


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