Pour some "saree" on me, baby!

Sarees look fabulous. In my opinion, sarees really make a woman look and feel great! Also, there are so many fabrics, colours and styles in which one can drape a saree- never a dull moment!

My mother is so passionate about Indian textiles that she visualizes a saree out of any type of material. She transformed this talent to start her fashion design studio called Chanderi Tiramisu- quirky name to keep up with her personality!

Here are 4 looks out of Chanderi Tiramisu’s collection of sarees-

Look 1: White chanderi saree with lady motif embroidered- a Stunning statement piece

Look 2: White chanderi saree with red border- Sophisticated traditional

Look 3: Pink neon saree with funky print- Create a splash!

Look 4: Pink saree with bird motif – to keep you cool!

These sarees are available for purchase at http://www.facebook.com/chanderitiramisu
Would love if you visited the page and shared what you thought about our looks!


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