There’s a message in the dhishum dhishum!

Just saw #revolverrani. Ahh wonderful movie. Authenticity at its best. Did not go with any background knowledge..what it’s about etc.. so zero expectations.. in such situations I mostly enjoy movies. And anyway I really don’t get it why people get so agitated about how a movie is and start judging other people for liking or disliking a particular movie. ‘Omg she likes that movie?’ ‘Now she’s an outcast’ and the likes.
Ok hear up you. My money…my opinion…whether I love it or’s none of your business! And if you care so should fund my movies and I’ll think about your request to agree with you!
Back to where I was. I thoroughly loved the performance by Kangana  Ranaut…she’s completely on a roll! Vir Das as well has done a superb job- quite central to the plot. No spoilers here. All I can say is I absolutely loved the style of spoken Hindi typical of that part of Madhya Pradesh.. the humour was just amazing. Overall the treatment of the movie was fantastic and kept me engaged throughout.
What I Realised: 
The best part: Role reversal between Kangana and Vir- in a typical gangster movie.. (or generally in society)- the woman is used shuttled around and kept captive to the male- but here in this movie.. the way Kangana rules over Vir Das- it’s just hilarious to watch. Seeing her in power and bossing him around – not a typical Hindi movie or not what many men would like to see even.. but that’s what’s always done to women and no one has a problem with that. He has to do all her bidding and the only reason is he needs money from her to fulfill his Bollywood dreams so he takes it all. There’s a lot he takes…lol..
Main point: money is power. And as long as all women are not financially independent.. some of them will continue to live the life because they depend on their husband/father/brother for the money to run their lives and hence agree to whatever shitty terms are set around them. This movie exemplifies that – in a reversal of roles- so I am not advocating pick a gun and become empowered-all I am saying is that with financial independence comes power- doesn’t matter if you’re male or female.

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