Sight & Touch: Mundane or Intense?

We use them all the time. Involuntarily, necessarily, obviously. And with everyone.

I’m talking about eyes and hands.

We see so many things, people- everything! A passing glance, a random meeting of eyes, we notice and move on. We use our hands most commonly for anything we have to do. But has one ever wondered that just one glance or just one brush with someone can become special based on the person one is interacting with?

When you look into the eyes of the person who’s special to you, it changes the world around you. It has been said often, it has been portrayed in cinema often that people can talk with their eyes. But when with just that one look, you feel something- you know it’s true! Why we avoid eye contact at times? Do we fear that since our eyes can say so much we might just reveal what we are actually thinking?

Hands. When do we not use them? Always upto something, they are! But when the same hands come in contact with people dear to us- there’s an electric current all right! It can indicate to you-how you really feel and can even signal to the other person. Do we still need words? Why do we not realise the significance of these things?

Feel. What a word. With too many definitions. What and how do you feel? Is it a function of the heart? or is everything a part of what you are feeling?



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