"They" will think like "that"

A: Hi, who’s “they”?

B: You know them, those people, humans (i think) around us…

A: Oh! What were they born for?

B: To scrutinize me, judge me on what I do, wear, say, eat…

A: Hmm…what were you born for?

B: To conform to what “they” think is right for me. I only behave as “they” think I should behave. You know all I care about is to structure my life so I’m not out of sync with anyone’s thinking. My life is “their” job.

A: Right. So you must be appreciated by them and in everyone’s good books? Like how you want it.

B: I don’t know. I mean I have dedicated my life so “they” can tell me what to wear, how to wear it, what to eat, what not to eat, what to say, think, write, practice. You know everything they wanted. But I still feel I’m doing something wrong, “they” just aren’t pleased!

Well, little did B know that whoever this “they” is, doesn’t really give a damn about you. It’s just a mechanism  used by certain people to make others conform to what they think is right. But first, what is right and what is wrong? And who certified their thinking as right? As kids, we are taught a variety of things, from a whole bunch of people. It is okay to take that as given, considering the limited development of the brain. But as adults, or let’s say a mature human, can one not gauge what’s right for themselves? Or in another way, I’m sure one can lead a life without first thinking what everyone on this planet might think about one’s actions. There has to be a point where people think for themselves or are we to just follow what is the norm? If we all behaved according to a set of everyone else’s rules, we’d be clones of each other. But are we?


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