An art~
Some can paint a lovely picture which everyone applauds,
Although the colours might not be so bright and rosy.
Others can’t portray, try as they might;
A huge effort required; although worth remains questionable…  
 A display~
To appeal to all, maybe means to keep self happy,
Though one might be content with whom they do have,
And not run after a few, not compromise on own beliefs
For putting up a show – it’s your life after all.
A sacrifice~
Of one’s true feelings and peace of mind
Do you live for you or them?
Wouldn’t be simpler to clarify at the first go where you stand?
Or is it easier to feign and carry on?
A thought~
Is it for their good or yours?
Is it because you avoid confrontation or fear being disliked for what you really think?
Or possibly it doesn’t matter that much
And you just want a cordial stand with all?

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