Did you dare to expect?

Walking along a path…going your way..choosing your direction…or maybe going with the flow..it’s your wish    and you might not even have given it a thought..you just move…

And then chance upon a hill..there is a way to go by the valley or climb the hill…you take the chance or get a feeling to just take the unconventional route and give the hill a shot..it’s steep…it’s tough..and not something you signed up for, but you don’t know that yet.

So you’re busy doing it your way..setting your foot on a firm rock to propel yourself up, placing your hands at the right spot to lift up and climb the hill..it’s challenging, fun, enjoyable and you’re doing well.

Out of the blue, a rope drops. A sign of help. Someone up there wants to lend you a hand, that’s strange! you didn’t ask for it! Should you take it?? That’s a dilemma it’ll be easier for sure, but weren’t you liking giving yourself that thrill? But wait! The rope might be fun too, let’s go for it.,.you take it and indeed it’s a smooth ride and you’re glad for some company..some indication that you aren’t alone and you can get to the top of this hill and cross it!

Suddenly the rope starts becoming lose, as if the support is waning..it soon starts withdrawing..without any explanation..any sign..it’s gone and you’re some way up but the rest you gotta make it on your own. That’s ok. Weren’t you helping yourself before that? Weren’t you absolutely happy? Now why do you miss that rope? Why do you think someone was trying to support you? It’s your journey…you have to find your way…

But still..you wait…in total anticipation, you hope, you pray – that rope will drop again..You can’t move forward..you can’t take a step ahead…all those techniques you knew to climb the hill with just fail before you..you can’t figure it out..you need that rope..rope rope rope…your brain’s full of it..but does it come? No. Not when you want it. Not when you crave for it.


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