One off.

Why….sometimes there’s no reason…. there’s no explanation. you just move forward and leave a trail behind. A plethora of people, things, moments, times, reasons, meanings, words, thoughts, state of mind, beliefs. Everything moves in a different direction, a symbol of change. And how you react shapes you. First reaction is disbelief, discomfort, denial, refusal, rejection, pain………

Then comes the second stage…realisation, eureka! – revelation…..which finally leads to acceptance, or trying to convince yourself that yeah this is it. This is where I start afresh. This is my next chance. I have to be strong and accept this step…because only after acceptance comes acknowledgement of your position…a true  assessment of where you stand.

A common way to soothe oneself is nothing is in your hands. haha. So untrue. Everything lies with you. You own yourself. You will have to stop taking something which you don’t deserve or you have to make something happen for you….nothing and no one will come served on a platter…you make it. Words are the easiest and at the same time effective, but action is rare.

Let’s wander, let’s roam..let’s find a place of our own…
figure out who we are.. utilize our potential…exert ourselves to the hilt…
find your own… wanted…give…extend…smile…feel happy in there…
so much effort…all for nothing?

Positivism shall prevail…sooner or later. Never forget to believe. Trust who you must.

So freaking philosophical. Moi? Haha.


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