2012- A totally new beginning!

Can hardly believe that life has changed so much…never thought years would begin from April and life would revolve around quarters but that’s what seems to be happening now! But I’m not complaining! In fact I’m taking  life head on as it’s coming my way…Work is great – not only in terms of what I’m learning and doing but also in terms of interacting with people around me. It’s really fun going to work now because of my friends there….our group has become insane fun now!! It’s like we’re laughing all the time and just enjoying talking all the time..it hardly seems like office environment… thats a good thing..because then its not only about the work…went on a trip and got crazy…it’s been going good…

Some moments:

Washroom moments!!!!


Narangi Doodhwala !

Awasthi Speaker wala !

K-girl, Roller and CJ!




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