Sing for me, just once…

So, I’ll always have this soft corner for Alternative Rock. It just expresses me well. Even though I really don’t have a favourite genre, my mood decided my genre. So I basically listen to all types of music…different phases, situations, frames of mind bring different music to my ears. So anger goes well with Children of Bodom, ALWAYS! Passion and craze goes well with Metallica. Classics are forever welcome in rock and metal both. A dancing mood brings on clubbing and hip hop to some extent. Then obviously Hindi music songs..the emotional ones and the fun ones too…and other genres which soothe emotional trauma. Basically all goes for me.

I feel like #Lifehouse currently. Jason Wade’s soothing voice! I just love how the band’s music touches me. Every song has something fabulous about it. Something that attracts me to each and every word and tune. All time favourites are Everything, Hanging by a moment, Sick cycle carousel, Take me away, You and me, You belong to me, Halfway gone, Broken and the list goes on….


There’s something in Jason Wade’s voice.. something totally attractive…it sounds so honest and so from the heart, you want to believe all he’s singing. I also just loovee the lyrics…if I would want to express myself I would use those words. Everything about Lifehouse works for me. And I can listen to their songs over and over again… it’s just so relaxing and reassuring.


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