Comrade, it’s the Animal Farm!

I’m so glad to have read this masterpiece! What an amazing book, the Animal Farm by George Orwell. Through the story of an animal farm, where its animals rise to rebellion, the author presents the facts about the socialist regime of Stalin in the Soviet Union. It unveils what the so-called “socialism” of Stalin did to the country and its people and how the corrupt leaders at the top benefited by exploiting those at the bottom. The book also manages to highlight the problems seen in a democracy as well as a capitalist society.

The best part about the book is the symbolism used to represent real people through animals with the exact characteristics of the people. An amazing way to get the point across!

One thing is for sure- the book opens a forum for discussion if nothing else and fascinates the mind to think deeper!

Onto the next one by Orwell- 1984!


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