90210 Fever!

So, I’m completely hooked onto 90210, a little late I guess, but oh well, these shows are addictive! I am season 2 currently, and I just can’t seem to get enough, download-watch-download-watch all the time!!
While, it’s all fun and drama and exciting, what I observed was how fast the teenagers grow up abroad. I mean they lose their innocence way too fast in life, at 15! They just lose their childhood and the joys of growing up! seriously, life’s exciting when you progress to do new things which you were forbidden before but when it’s your age. while different societies mature at different stages and have a distinct way of advancing, pregnancy at the age of 16 is ridiculous for any culture, yes I know child marriage is prevalent in India and everything that happens abroad has a mirror image here in India.

But I don’t want to compare rural India with urban advanced countries. That’s just messed up. Because for every pregnancy, drug abuse and whacko thing that they do, they have a mechanism to deal with it also, they have knowledge, awareness and institutions, solutions to deal with these things, but here back in India, there is no such concept. And that is just a horrifying experience.

Anyway, back to my point of comparing my life (let’s be subjective) to this show, I can say it might be exaggerated to some extent, but all shows reflect the reality in society to a great extent. And that’s where I feel, that Im thankful for my upbringing, I wouldn’t wanna deal with such severe emotional drama and trauma that they are facing at 16. I was happy where I was and how I have progressed with things and made my choices. while everyone makes mistakes, i’m glad mine were the ones from which i learnt, and hence made the right choices.

                                                Oh but still I love the show and going to keep watching it, it’s entertaining and oh Liam is uber hot! And thank god, in reality he’s not 16! ha!


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