Let’s go back to the start…

It is a wish come true! Harry Potter all over again! 🙂

After the 7th book got over, it left me with an empty space, with a feeling that something in my life was over and I would never be able to discover new things about it anymore. However, the movies were still remaining, and I eagerly awaited them. Finally on 15th July 2011, it all ended, with a very disappointing end to the series. 

However, an author knows her fans. So comes J.K. Rowling with a site just for her fans- “Pottermore”. And omg, it is really a wonderful innovation! It required early registration, requesting membership by finding some items. Those who managed to do so in time got an email to join before it was opened for the world in October. I accessed my account yesterday and I am already addicted. I’m called Eyeprophecy148 and I have reached chapter 11 of the first book so far. Best thing: I was sorted into Gryffindor!!!! Happiest =)

Looking forward to collecting more trinkets, brewing potions, casting spells and duelling and loving what I adore the most: The Harry Potter feel. 

Oh and the most coveted thing on this site: Rowling’s new thoughts- on different characters, places, objects etc which she has not shared in the books but which form the basis of the entire series. Just loving the information and understanding everything better! 


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