Gimme more

Yes! I am way over 18 years of age. But when I turned 18, I became an adult. The government allowed me certain things all at one go. So “legally” I could watch certain movies with explicit content, drive a car all on their own in a crazy city like Delhi,  could have married a stranger and created kids and taken care of them, all at 18! I could have legally dealt with all these and emotionally as well…being 18, I could suddenly handle the world.
Wow, so empowered…and I had only just entered college. But wait, legal age to drink in Delhi is 25. So, I can do all of these but I can’t handle my drinks? I can’t have any alcohol legally even now, 3 years have gone by. But did that stop me? Hahaha
And did I get caught? LOL

Well, why make such rules when everyone’s flouting it? Why become strict only when the excise department is hounding your restaurant? Otherwise they serve anyone and everyone. Obviously if all the 18-24 year olds withdrew from drinking all together, watch how the companies’ profits, restaurants’ businesses and government’s taxes go bust! Be a little sensible, dear Delhi and stop the crazy drunk fucks guys all around.

Also in awe of TOI for their amazing campaign-It’s my life! Times of India Campaign


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