Am I that grown up?

Well, I can hardly believe that college is in fact over! It has been a month of no college and it still hasn’t sunk in entirely. And where am I? Working !! Well, work is actually very interesting since it is a direct application of what I learnt in my course. That’s why I’m liking it so much, but still one whole month of it already! Really can’t seem to believe that!

Waking up on time, being responsible, taking care of things…college was a different world from all this!

Anyway, I like the people I hang out with in office, at least there’s stuff to laugh about.. 🙂

Looking forward to an August full of extended weekends! so excited!
Usually my weekends spent catching up with friends and family..I feel so old.. I hardly have anytime for myself…

Although, I do want a new phone – Bold 4 now..thought enough and decided on it.. also cannot wait to buy iPad 2…and lusting after Dior’s latest watch…hmm.. the Dior VIII…  ❤ So a great wishlist is forming each day but nothing is really coming my way…!! Need to indulge..and soooon! 


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